StarNetDial works very much like a regular dial-up connection only enhanced by software that increases Web browsing speeds through caching and compression technologies.

Caching. Have you noticed that Internet users typically visit certain websites over and over again? To check the weather conditions they may go to or to be informed about news they go to, etc.

Using StarNetDial, the Web pages you visit often will intelligently be retained and reused by our servers. This way, the repeated page elements get pulled from a local server versus from the Internet and the Web surfing speeds increase dramatically! In fact, the longer StarNetDial has been in use, the faster the pages will load.

Compression. StarNetDial delivers text and graphics more efficiently than a regular dial-up connection because it reduces the size of Web pages and page elements sent to the browser. That doesn't mean that the websites will appear smaller or "funny-looking", though! The compression technology compresses the text and graphics as they are being transferred to you and then un-compresses them again so you may view pages normally.

StarNetDial comes with 5 levels of service because we understand that your Internet needs may change from day to day. If speed is your ultimate goal, go with the service mode that provides you with the maximum speed quality possible at the expense of some slight image quality loss, that is having the graphics a little less sharp and with a "grainy" look.

On the other hand, if image quality is very important to you, select the service mode that preserves the image resolution to the highest limit and still notice speed improvements although not optimized to the maximum.

StarNetDial gives you the power to decide what your dial-up access should be like!

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