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How do I get the StarNetDial Internet Connection?
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The StarNetDial connection can be completed from either a setup CD or from the direct online signup. Please look here for an overview of each install process. (include links for the signup CD and Online setup).

How do I set-up my email for StarNetDial?
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Email setup varies for every client that is available for email. We have included detailed FAQ's for popular email clients such as Outlook, Outlook Express, and Eudora. If you choose to use a different email client you will want to run through the setup using the following configurations (substitute the account name that you have created for 'username'):

Incoming Mail Server Type: POP3
Incoming Mail Server:
Outgoing Mail Server:
Email Address:
Account Name: username
Password: Password for your account

How do I use my email?
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The use of each email client will be different for every program. We recommend that you read through the help documents of the email client for help regarding the specific question for that client.

What is Webmail and how does it work?
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Webmail is a utility which allows the user to check their email from their Internet Browser (such as Internet Explorer or Netscape). This lets the user check any new messages as well as any previous messages without having to configure a mail client like Outlook. Webmail can be accessed by entering your and password. Please click here to access the webmail utility.

How do I install the acceleration software?
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The accelerated software installation involves only a few steps in order for it to complete. We have created a separate FAQ regarding this setup found here.

Why does the acceleration not work with other browsers like Netscape?
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The acceleration software does actually work with other browsers such as Netscape, Mozilla, and Opera. In order to use these browsers you will need to make a one-time manual configuration change with the browser of choice. For a step-by-step overview please look here.

Can I use AOL, ICQ, MSN or any other Instant Messenger?
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These popular Instant Messenger programs will work with the StarNetDial service. We have provided download links for these items here.

Where is the best place to get information on my modem?
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For information on your modem the best place to check is the manufacturers website. There they will have any updates regarding modem firmware and initialization strings (init strings) to help improve connectivity. We also suggest you check these sites for current information regarding modem troubleshooting:

Why are my connect rates slow?
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Your connect rates can be slow for several reasons. If you find that your modem never connects above a certain speed then you will want to work on upgrading your modem firmware and changing the init strings for help in connecting. Check the manufacturers website for further information regarding your modem.

If the connect rates vary then there may be specific reason for the slow connect. Certain factors such as line noise and phone line quality can affect the connection rates. Phone lines can even be affected by weather conditions which will degrade the quality of connect as well.

Why do I get disconnected?
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The connection can get disconnected for several reasons. Here are a few factors which can cause the disconnect:

1. Each connection has an idle timeout of 10 minutes and a overall session time of 8 hours. What this mean is if your connection does not send any traffic (no web browsing or email checks) in 10 consecutive minutes then your connection will be disconnected. Each overall connection cannot exceed 8 hours of session time. After 8 hours have been reached the connection will disconnect.

2. If your connection is being disconnected at random times then your overall StarNetDial connection may be unstable. The best solution is to update your modem drivers and initialization strings. If that still does not help you can add 2 - 4 commas after the dialup number to help stabilize the connection.

I couldn't connect and got an error message. Now what?
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If you continually have connection problems then the best solutions to fixing the problem is to first try and upgrade your modem drivers. The manufacturer's website will have the latest fixes and init strings to give users better connections. Many of the Windows Dial Up Networking (DUN) error codes stem from the inability of the customer's modem to negotiate with the StarNetDial modems. We also recommend reviewing these other sites for valuable information regarding modem connectivity issues:

What is SPAM?
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SPAM (also known as junk mail) is unwanted, unsolicited commercial email which is sent out on a mass basis to many email addresses. Junk email is not an email message that you have requested. Furthermore you will want to be certain of a few things regarding SPAM:

1. Never reply to junk mail as it validates your address for future mass mailings.
2. Create accounts with an uncommon name. The chances of receiving the unwanted email are smaller.
3. Don't open attachments that are included no matter how tempting it may be. The unwanted file could be a virus!

To further combat SPAM most email clients have filters which allow junk email to be placed directly in the trash and deleted without ever reading them. The help contents of your email client will help you with this configuration.

How do I contact Tech Support?
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The StarNetDial Technical Support department can be reached via email or by telephone. When contacting us via email please include the following information:

1. Username
2. Phone number you are dialing as well as number you are calling from.
3. Phone number we can reach you back at including best time to call.
4. Dialup problem you are currently experiencing.
5. Any other pertinent information you may want to include in the email.

You will want to direct your support emails to We will reply back with further information to your inquiries promptly.

If you choose to call StarNetDial for support please have available the same information so we can diagnose the problem as quickly as possible. The number to reach our technical department is
1-866-6SN-DIAL (866-676-3425).

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