StarNetDial Online PC Set-Up

The steps and setup for PC users through the online sign-up.

1. Now that you have chosen the Windows Logo to begin the connection setup you will be asked to either open, save, or cancel a file which is being sent to your computer. Select the open option to further process the setup.

2. You will now be warned that your Internet settings will be changed. Click the OK button to continue the setup.

3. The setup has been finished stating that the setup is now ready to connect you to the Internet. Click the OK button to proceed.

4. Double click your browser of choice (such as Internet Explorer) to launch the Dial-up Connection. You should see the account that you have created in the username field. Click the connect button and your modem will now begin to dial the access number which you chose earlier

5. If the access number did not connect then the dial settings may be different. Your calling area will vary pending on whether you should dial 11 digits (1 + area code and 7 digit access number), 10 digits (area code and 7 digit access number), or just 7 digits (only the 7 digit access number). Click on the settings button to reach your Internet properties

6. Click the settings button to reach the settings of your StarNetDial connection

7. Select the properties button and you will now see the access number being dialed

8. Uncheck the box labeled "Use area code and Dialing Properties". To make your connection 7 digits or add an extra 1 in the area code field to have the connection dial the full 11 digits.

9. Click the OK button to reach the Dial-up Connection menu again. Click the connect button to dial the StarNetDial connection.

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