Account Management Instructions

Management of your StarNetDial account through our Web Portal

1. To begin management of your account point your web browser to and choose the Manage Accounts link at the top right corner of the page. You can go there directly by clicking here

2. You will now have the entry to the manage accounts section. You will need to enter your email address of your primary account along with the password to your account. Please note that the password will be entered in as stars for security reasons. Once that is done click the Login button to proceed.

3. The Manage accounts menu will appear on your browser. Here you have the options of changing your password, forwarding your email to another address, and modification of your billing information. You can also choose to delete your account here if needed.

4. By clicking on the mail forward icon you will a textbox which will allow your StarNetDial email be forwarded to another email address. Enter the email address you would like your email forwarded to in the provided textbox.

5. The Password Lock icon on the manage accounts page lets you change the password to your primary account. In order to change the password you will need to enter the current password in the Current Password textbox. The new password will need to be entered twice. Once in the New Password field and again in the Confirm field. Once that is done click the change icon to have the password changed immediately. Please note that passwords must be 6 characters long to be valid.

6. If you wish to delete your account you can click the delete icon from the manage accounts page. This will bring up a confirmation page which you must check the confirm box in order to delete. Click the delete button to remove the account from the system.

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