StarNetDial Online MAC OSX Set-Up

The steps and setup for MAC OSX users through the online sign-up.

1. Click on the MAC Logo. You will now be greeted with an account information page. Please keep these settings handy:

2. To create the Dial-up Connection click on the Apple Logo at the top left of the screen and select System Preferences.

3. The system preferences panel will now appear. Click on the network Icon listed under the menu Internet & Network.

4. The network properties menu will now be present. Select Internal Modem for the drop down menu listed as "Show". Select the PPP Tab and fill in the textboxes with the information given in step 1.

5. Open Internet Connect, located in the Applications folder of your Macintosh HD.

6. Check the configuration of the dial-up connection.

7. Click the connect button. The modem will dial the access number listed and your StarNetDial connection will be complete.

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