Outlook Express Set-Up Instructions

To configure Outlook Express please perform the following:

1. Run the Outlook express program by double clicking on the Icon or selecting it through the start menu.

2. The main program interface will now appear. Click on the tools menu and select the Accounts option.

3. A small menu will appear listing the current Internet Accounts. To add an email account select the Add button and choose Mail.

4. The next screen will be displayed with a textbox listed as Display name. Enter your full name in the text box and select the next key at the bottom of the menu.

5. You will now have a textbox displayed which lists E-mail Address. In the text box provided you will want to enter your StarNetDial email address in the format of username@StarNetDial.net. Once that is completed click on the next key to continue.

6. A new menu of E-mail server names will appear. Please select the incoming mail server to be a POP3 mail server. Next you will then click on the textbox labeled for Incoming Mail and enter mail.StarNetDial.net. The next textbox is for outgoing mail server. Here you will need to enter smtp.StarNetDial.net. Click on the next key to continue.

7. The menu of mail logon will appear with account name and password to be entered.
Enter the username in the textbox labeled account name.
You do not have to enter the @StarNetDial.net in this textbox. The next textbox is labeled password where you will need to enter your password.

For security reasons the password will not be displayed and will only show stars. Check the remember password box on the form and click the next key.

8. Your account has now been setup. Click the Finish key to complete the configuration.

9. You can now see your account configurations by clicking the tools menu and selecting accounts. You should now see a mail.StarNetDial.net account listed.

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