Eudora Set-Up Instructions

To configure Eudora, do the please perform the following:

1. Double-click the Eudora icon to open the program. The New Account Wizard should open showing a welcome screen. Click next to begin the setup process.

2. Select "Create a brand new email account" for the account setting and click next.

3. You now will need to enter your personal information. Enter your full name into the Your Name textbox. Click the next button to continue.

4. The email address configuration will now appear. Enter your StarNetDial email address into the textbox in the format of Click the next button to continue the setup process.

5. You will now have the login name screen appear. Enter your username (without the into the textbox.

6. The email server settings for the Incoming Server is The type of server should default to POP which is correct.

7. The outgoing mail server setting is You will want to uncheck the Allow authentication checkbox and click the next button to continue.

8. You have now completed the Eudora setup for StarNetDial.

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